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We are Purely Dedicated to Real Estate Digital Marketing


About Founder

Niranjan Pandit, CEO of Aryavarta IT Solution, has a 5-year experience in real estate industry, and four year experience in digital marketing. He came up with an idea to use his both industry knowledge and started Aryavarta IT Solution, which help real estate business grow digitally. He is from real estate industry so he understand real estate business nicely. He is working in the field for several years, so he knows how to help real estate business owners reach the right audience and get their business grow digitally. If you want your company to succeed, you need Niranjan Pandit and Aryavarta IT Solution to help you succeed!



We are purely dedicated to real estate. we can provide a level of expertise and specialization that generalist agencies cannot match. By understanding the unique needs and challenges of the real estate industry, we can develop effective strategies that drive results and help our clients succeed in a highly competitive market.



We specialize in creating customized, data-driven strategies that effectively reach and engage your target audience, driving leads and conversions. With our proven track record of generating measurable results and optimizing ROI, you can trust us to elevate your real estate brand above the competition."

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